Application Ahoy!

I’ve received all the application forms. Who knew there’d be so much paperwork! And I have to send my CV back with it – that’s weird. I guess they want to make sure I can actually string two sentences together. And that I once upon a time passed some exams. Which I did. Once.

Part 1 – A Little History

Decisions. The best ones happen quickly…..sometimes. I suppose if I’m honest this one has been brewing for six years which when you think about it is actually quite a long time. As old as my son in fact, which is where this all began really.

But, like many of our dreams, hopes, and generally vague ideas about what we think we might like to happen, this one was always…...In The Future. Like, one day i’ll try being brunette; one day I’ll take piano lessons; one day i’ll get round to painting the garden furniture…….One day I’ll re-train to become a yoga instructor.

My first son was born….I enjoyed doing yoga…..I gave up my job and moved to the country…..I enjoyed doing yoga……we sat around in coffee shops with newborns, trying to come up with the perfect job for that first class work/life balance…..I enjoyed doing yoga… can see where this is going can’t you?!

But still, to say it was something that I saw in the distant future is an understatement. I mean, where does a person come up with that kind of money for one thing? Not working, paying for courses and possibly childcare so I would have some time to concentrate seemed so prohibitive as to be almost impossible.

But still, the seed had been planted and a need to find A Flexible Life was growing stronger.